MRM Project Feature: Jimmi Ann Roberts Publishing Project

We first met Jimmi Ann Roberts at our Roadmapping Your Story workshop in March of last year. Jimmi was one of our six sweet attendees and came to the workshop ready and eager to share her personal story of grace and redemption with the world.

Beneath her friendly Southern drawl lies a deep passion for storytelling and a profound belief in the healing power of God’s love, both of which are abundantly apparent in the pages of her newly released memoir He Will Bring You Home: How Jesus Rescued Me from the Path of Destruction. We feel so honored to have been a part of bringing this precious work of heart to life.

About This Recent Project

Book Mapping & Content Development

Jimmi’s first draft was compiled from journal entries and memory, and she loosely had a timeline of her life in place. Mara performed an in-depth developmental review for the manuscript. This laid a firm foundation as Randi and Jimmi worked closely to outline the content, refine each section, and create reflections for the end of each chapter. Through a series of interview or coaching-style calls, Randi guided Jimmi through mapping out each chapter, adding content to support the transformation, and forming a consistent structure within each chapter.

As a last step to solidify the manuscript, Mara followed up with a final phase of developmental edits, reviewing the added content and ensuring the transformation was complete.

Manuscript Edits, Cover Design, Formatting, & Typesetting

When Randi and Mara completed their work developing Jimmi’s manuscript, the final file was passed on to Carey to polish through copy and line edits. Carey focused on word flow, grammar, tense, and sentence structure to ensure quality readability in the final product, while also taking great care with Jimmi’s words. Once copy and line edits were complete, and Jimmi approved, Randi reviewed the manuscript one last time to prepare the document for the design.

For the cover design, Jimmi envisioned a farmhouse scene with a pathway leading up to the home, providing warm imagery to represent her personal journey home. Because her trusted furry friend, Max, is always near to her side, it was important to Jimmi that we also include him in the cover art. Nelly carefully isolated sweet Max from one of Jimmi’s photos and placed him on the cover as if to greet each reader as they find their way down the path.

The warmth of the exterior of the book continues throughout the interior pages and ends with treasured photos of Jimmi Ann and her family members.

Publishing & Optimization

He Will Bring You Home was designed and formatted for both IngramSpark and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, in print and eBook versions. As part of our Market Refined Publishing imprint, we handled the purchase of the necessary ISBNs for print and digital formats, registered the new release with the Library of Congress, and managed the publishing process on both platforms.

Sara optimized the back cover copy for the book, Jimmi’s author bio and the product description to improve the reach of the release. She also performed our usual metadata keyword and category research to increase the searchability and visibility for Jimmi’s book and help the right readers find it more easily.

This was such a precious project and our entire team enjoyed supporting Jimmi Ann on this journey. We hope you will grab a copy of He Will Bring You Home today!

What Jimmi Ann had to say…

“Mandy and Randi were there for me every step of the way and they made it easy. I am so happy about all of this. Thank you for all y’all have done.”

MRM Project Feature: He Will Bring You Home New Release

Services Included in this Project

  • Book mapping and content development
  • Copy and line edits and final proofread
  • Book cover and interior design, formatting, and typesetting for IngramSpark and Kindle Direct Publishing (Print and eBook)
  • Metadata, category, and keyword research for IngramSpark and Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Marketing copy for the product listing and author bio
  • Product(s) and author profile setup and optimization for Amazon Author Central
  • Use of Market Refined Publishing imprint

Team Members Involved

Find out more about these ladies and the rest of the team here at MRM: Meet the Team

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