One of our BIG goals for 2023 is to bring community off-line, to create in-person events and spaces for real connection and community. For a business that is 100% virtual, this vision is not only a leap of faith but truly a little challenging to bring to fruition. Thankfully, we enjoy rising to the challenge!

When God calls you to it, you have to trust that He’ll carry you through it.

Market Refined Media: Roadmapping Your Story Workshop

MRM’s “Roadmapping Your Story” workshop Saturday, March 25, our first in-person event, was a wonderful time of prayer, learning, and encouragement . . . that almost didn’t happen. Friday night brought storms to the area, and Saturday morning we woke to news that the venue didn’t have power and the roads leading to the venue were closed!

But God.

The MRM team and partners all worked together to provide alternate routes and to prepare a calm, inviting space for our guests to map out their books, ask questions, and learn more about each others’ stories!

Our team spent the morning praying for open roads and safety, setting out refreshments, starting up a generator, and preparing our hearts for community-building. With a slightly delayed start, the day was full of God-stories overflowing with heart, heartache, and healing.

Market Refined Media: Roadmapping Your Story Workshop

The space was filled with praise for all God has brought to each of our lives and inspiration to move forward with telling the stories He has tucked within our hearts. Every story the attendees brought to the table was one of redemption and restoration that needs to be out in the world, and we are delighted to lend an ear and cheer on these soon-to-be writers in their journey!

Thank you, Lord, for this day!

Liz and Ariel’s combined experience editing and co-writing manuscripts is invaluable, and their expert insight specifically for how to write memoirs and nonfiction books lays the foundation for an aspiring author to bring their book to life without overwhelm and struggle! Thank you both for spending the day with us and facilitating such an insightful conversation for MRM’s first workshop!

Market Refined Media: Roadmapping Your Story Workshop
Market Refined Media: Roadmapping Your Story Workshop

We were so thankful to have Mandy, Carey, and Randi on hand for the day to provide the care that MRM prides itself on. With our focus on building and expanding our community this year, our hearts are bursting knowing all the ways God is allowing us to reach this goal. We are so happy to encourage and equip new writers to move forward and to make their dreams come true, all while giving God the glory for the courage He gives us to be obedient and open to His will.

Market Refined Media: Roadmapping Your Story Workshop

And lastly, to all our attendees—thank you for your vulnerability and willingness to share your stories with us. We are truly honored you would navigate storms, detours and power outages to spend your day with us! Each one of you has a unique story to share, and we hope your time at our table has encouraged you forward!

Looking forward . . .

We hear so often from writers that the traditional publishing world said “no” to their manuscript—that their story is too narrow, that their numbers are too small, or the first book should be what they’re known for not what they’re called to. We know that can be discouraging to hear when you are so passionate about the story in front of you.

Market Refined Media: Roadmapping Your Story Workshop
Market Refined Media: Roadmapping Your Story Workshop
Market Refined Media: Roadmapping Your Story Workshop

We want you to know the conversation doesn’t stop here. We are happy to walk alongside you as you write, edit, and publish your dreams. The story God has placed on your heart is valuable, and we want to help you share it with the world.

When others say “no,” we get to say “yes.” Our doors are open if your heart is ready—pull up a chair, and let’s get your story out there.

We’ve got you!

If you weren’t able to sign up for the Roadmapping Your Story Workshop, know that we missed you and are saving you a seat at our next event! {Stay tuned!}

Market Refined Media: Roadmapping Your Story Workshop

A big THANK YOU to our friend and client, Donna of Loving Faith Photography, for the amazing photos from the day!

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