MRM Project Feature: Molly Pflederer Brand and Website Design

We love helping business women, like Molly Pflederer, hone their vision and create more cohesive ways to get their services to their clients.

Molly runs a health and fitness business. She already had a strong client base on social media but wanted to create a “one-stop shop” for all of her services. It was important to Molly that clients could easily find and access the health and fitness services that fit them best, so we helped her create a website that could do all of that and more.

About This Recent Project

Brand and Logo Design

It’s essential to establish an overall mood for your brand. So, we walked Molly through a discovery process and landed on a blushed color palette relevant to her niche and delicate, but strong fonts that matched her vision. This informed the look and feel of her new logo design which was based on design trends for her type of business.

Website Design and Development

For her site design, Molly wanted a clean and inviting look. Since she offers several different services, we guided her toward organizing a strategic site map that makes it easy for visitors to find the services that fit their specific needs. Her professional, branded photos were utilized on the site design to enable visitors to connect with Molly visually. Then, we polished and refined Molly’s words and provided her with dynamic text copy for the site, highlighting her services and welcoming potential clients to her new web-based home.

What Molly had to say…

I’m so pleased with the overall project and am excited to share it. So happy with how it turned out! I want to thank MRM for their fabulous work and attention to detail as we worked together to create this beautiful, functioning site.

MRM Project Feature: Molly Pflederer Brand and Website Design

Services Included in this Project

  • Mini Brand Identity Package
  • Custom WordPress Website Design and Development
  • Website Content and Copy Creation
  • Site Map Organization
  • Integration with Third Party Apps for Training & Health Services

Team Members Involved

Find out more about these ladies and the rest of the team here at MRM: Meet the Team

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