The stigma of self-publishing is gone. It’s been replaced by the thousands of authors who’ve self-published best selling books that have been sought out by agents, big publishing houses, and even Hollywood producers. The Top 5 Best Tips for Self-Publishing a Best Seller and duplicating their success are listed below. If you have any questions, be sure to ask them in the comments. Our literary publishing and marketing coaches have years of professional experience in the Christian market, and we’re happy to help.

1. Hire a Professional Cover Designer, Interior Book Designer | Formatter, and an Experienced Developmental and Copy or Line Editor

These three things are critical to the success of any book. First, if your cover doesn’t cause someone to want to read more about the content, then the book won’t sell. Second, if the book’s cover is excellent and generates sales, but the book is riddled with grammatical errors, misspelled words, and content disorganization, then you won’t get good reviews. Covers, formatting, and editing are not the places to skimp financially.

2. Always Take Advantage of the Additional Space in Your Book

Add a bio page so your readers can learn more about you. Give them your web address or tell them where they can find you on social media platforms. Direct them to your newsletter signup. Do you have multiple books or services that you offer? Place a blurb about that on a separate page at the back of the book. Loyal readers will want to consume everything you have to offer. Make sure they know where to find you and your products. If you’re publishing a series of books or have add on products, advertise them in this book and create your own sales funnel.

3. Build Your Platform

In the digital age of today this is easier than ever. Speaking events, church, meetings, and conferences have always been a good idea but you can now expand your reach beyond the people who attend those gatherings. Blogs, social media, podcasting, webinars, and the recent success of online courses have given us tools that have proven to be pivotal in whether a book succeeds or not. Time spent here is worth it. Don’t solely depend on Google search results. No one will search for you if they aren’t aware that you or your product exists. You must put your brand in front of them.

4. Get an Endorsement

Endorsements from big names don’t come easy but thankfully, you don’t have to have one. One or two reviews from people who’ve read your books and reflect your heart’s purpose in publishing is all you need. Find a handful of people to read the book before publishing. Ask them for feedback and reviews. Ask for permission to use your favorites and place them on the cover of your book and for marketing purposes. The experiences of others will sell to the next person. Word of mouth advertising and reviews are still best practices for authors.

5. Market Your Book

Send out a newsletter to your subscribers, post graphics with quotes from your book on social media sites, customize your social media profile with banners and be sure to mention the book in the about me sections, optimize your Amazon and Goodreads profiles, guest post on other blogs and mention your book in your bio with a link to website, and finally, be personable and form connections with readers who respond to you. They are your best marketing tool and hopefully, will become a true fan and possibly, a friend.

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