MRM Project Feature: 3 Demons Performance & Pitt Crew Racing Brand and Website Designs

It’s not often that we get to work on two website designs for the same client at the same time, and it’s even less often that we work on a project this far outside of our normal niche. But a recent project gave us the opportunity to do both, and it was so much fun for us!

Cheryl and Shane Pitt reached out for help with two new websites and a new brand design for their latest ventures. Once we heard their story, and their vision, we jumped at the chance to get involved. Shane recently founded Pitt Crew Racing, a charitable initiative to support our nation’s veterans and aid children battling health challenges through sheer joy and fun for communities. “We focus on helping people have fun because we believe fun brings hope and healing.”

3 Demons Performance is a sub entity of the Pitt Crew Racing philanthropic organization and allows Shane to partner with two childhood friends as well. This racing team is stocked with four 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170s, a somewhat limited edition of this particular muscle car and a rarity for most drag race followers. The three gentlemen behind 3DP plan to highlight the Demon 170s at various events by using the cars for ride-alongs, car shows, and drag racing of course. 3DP will also donate 30% of their profits to charity along with using one of the cars specifically for the ride-alongs for veterans and children.

About This Recent Project

Brand Design

Cheryl and Shane came to us with a brand design already set for 3 Demons Performance, so we were able to incorporate the primary logo and sub mark into that website design pretty easily. Pitt Crew Racing however needed the full brand kit, including a primary logo, a couple of simple variations, a brand board, and social media cover images.

It was important that the PCR brand feel slightly more corporate than the 3DP identity, but it was also necessary for the two brands to feel cohesive and “related”. Shane requested that we build the PCR color palette around the Dodge paint options for the Demon, particularly the Go Mango shade since that’s also the name of one of the cars. Maria created a brand board and several logo options, incorporating the selected color palette, more masculine fonts, and a variety of use-case designs ideal for branded merchandise and promotional materials.

Website Design and Development

Once the Pitt Crew Racing brand design was complete, we switched gears slightly to focus on the 3 Demons Performance website just in time for this year’s racing season. Cheryl and Mandy worked together to fine tune the sitemap and the page content as well as setting up and connecting the new ConvertKit account for email subscribers.

Most of the comparable drag racing websites in Cheryl’s examples or in our research felt dated, dark, and cluttered. In our planning discussions, Cheryl and Shane expressed the desire to have a more masculine design while also making good use of white space, clean lines, and clear navigation. Using this input and the fantastic team and car photos the clients provided, Mandy created functional and attractive page layouts for all of the website’s key pages. Due to the newness of the 3DP startup, some of the page content will need to be added to as the business grows and the team has more events and appearances, so these layouts provide them with an “outline” to follow and easy plug-and-play options for continuing the page structure and maintaining the integrity of the design.

For now, the 3DP team has opted to keep the new site design hidden behind a splash page, until the content is more complete, so our images here are your sneak peek! 🙂

The Pitt Crew Racing website is a simple one-page site, providing the organization with an online hub while the business and their partner and sponsor connections grow. Using the newly approved brand kit, Mandy created a functional and attractive landing page that gives visitors insight into PCR’s mission, the opportunity to sign up for the email list, and a simple contact form to reach out for more information.

Both of these new websites were so much fun to create and will serve the PCR and 3DP vision well into the future! Be sure to check out both sites and opt in for updates—we all can help support the cause!

What Cheryl & Shane had to say…

“Thank you! It was an absolute pleasure working with you! Everyone at MRM was organized, thorough, and professional. They took our thoughts and brought them to life online, completing not one but two websites. You did a fantastic job creating two masculine sites with very different themes. And your communication was top-notch. After getting the hang of the process, we enjoyed the efficiency in using Asana – it was a great way to keep me informed and organized as the customer. In the end, we were thrilled with both websites. They are exactly what we hoped for! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Services Included in this Project

  • Mini Brand Identity Kit Design
  • Custom WordPress Website Design and Development for 2 sites
  • Training for Gutenberg Block Builder and Kadence Blocks
  • Hosting and Ongoing Tech Support
  • Email Marketing Support

Team Members Involved

Find out more about these ladies and the rest of the team here at MRM: Meet the Team

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