MRM Project Feature: Catina Harris Publishing Project

Catina Harris is a passionate Bible teacher, well-known in her local church ministry and surrounding community. She reached out to MRM for help publishing her first study, Eve: The Importance of a Woman and Her Voice. This study is designed to challenge women to use their God-given voices to speak up and to create the good they want to see in the world, by taking an honest look back at the first woman in this world.

About This Recent Project

Book Edits, Cover Design, Formatting, & Typesetting

Catina worked with our friend Robin of Legacy Press Books to complete the copy edits for Eve. Robin helped ensure Catina’s words were at their very best in this simple study and prepared the content for the design phase.

For the cover design, Catina wanted something simple yet vibrant and selected an image that would be reflective of the Tree of Life. Nelly once again created several beautiful cover designs for Catina to choose from, and with only a few small tweaks to the selected design, we moved on to the inviting interior. Each week’s section heading includes the design elements from the cover to create a cohesive feel throughout, and the final pages of the week’s lesson include generous space for the reader to answer questions and add their own notes.

Publishing & Optimization

Eve: The Importance of a Woman and Her Voice was formatted for both IngramSpark and Amazon KDP, in print and ebook format, to expand the opportunities for distribution and to allow for preorders. Catina selected our Market Refined Publishing imprint, so we were able to oversee the publishing process for her on both platforms and register the new release with the Library of Congress. We also set up the form and automations used to deliver her preorder incentives to early buyers.

Our Metadata & Optimization Package included the keyword and category research to increase searchability and visibility for Eve. Sara optimized the book’s back cover copy, product description, and author’s bio for Amazon Author Central. As part of a detailed marketing strategy for Eve, Sara also created marketing copy for Carol to use on the book’s single page website, copy for social media promotions and ads, and templates for email campaigns. Debi incorporated Sara’s copy into the digital assets package she created, which included pull quotes for promotion, shareable social media graphics, social media cover images, and a content calendar for Catina to repurpose as needed.

It was a pleasure to help Catina launch this first study into the world! We look forward to her next Bible study and any opportunity to help her ministry grow!

What Catina had to say…

“Thank you all for your hard word on this project. I am pleased with your help and support.”

MRM Project Feature: Catina Harris Publishing Project

Services Included in this Project

  • Proofread manuscript edits
  • Book cover and interior design, formatting, and typesetting for IngramSpark and Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Metadata, category, and keyword research for IngramSpark and Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Marketing copy for the product listing and author bio
  • Product(s) and author profile setup and optimization for Amazon Author Central
  • Use of Market Refined Publishing imprint
  • Sales page design and development in WordPress website
  • Marketing and launch strategy
  • Digital assets package and content calendar

Team Members Involved

Find out more about these ladies and the rest of the team here at MRM: Meet the Team

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