MRM Project Feature: Gina Duke Brand & Website Design

Gina Duke is a long-time client of MRM. We had the pleasure of creating a fun and unique website design for her a few years ago, and we have maintained her website and offered tech support for several years now. With recent growth in Gina’s ministry and business, it was time to update her site design again and create a professional brand design. We love working with repeat clients and watching their online journeys progress!

About This Recent Project

Brand & Website Design

We enjoyed spending a little bit more time with Gina to help strategize her sitemap and content as part of one of our brand development packages. We helped her simplify the bulkier sitemap to better highlight her services and resources and create funnels to draw new visitors and guide them to engage in one way or another. We also helped organize and optimize the content for each of Gina’s key pages to keep visitors moving through the pages.

With Gina’s big, bubbly personality and a fun, artsy style, it was important to think outside of the box for her site design and brand elements. During our discovery process, Gina shared her favorite color palette – a mix of pinks, gold, and black – so we made use of those colors in a variety of patterns and textures throughout her page designs and logo concepts. Gina also has a lot to say to her audience, so the use of varying backgrounds and visual elements to help break up the text in longer pages was a great way to interject some of Gina’s personal flair while also keeping the pages easy to read and navigate.

In addition to giving her brand and site a fresh new look, we also moved Gina’s Etsy store into her WordPress website, helping keep traffic and income on her site as well. Also, we expanded the standard brand identity package to include not only the primary and sub logos, but also a postcard design Gina can use to promote events or speaking opportunities, as well as a professional and branded media kit for event planners to access easily on her site.

What Gina had to say…

“Thank you for all the hard work you and your team put into it. The website is beautiful!

Services Included in this Project

  • Page Content Planning
  • Sitemap Reorganization and Cleanup
  • Full Brand Identity Design Package
  • Custom WordPress Website Design and Development
  • Addition and Configuration of eCommerce

Team Members Involved

Find out more about these ladies and the rest of the team here at MRM: Meet the Team

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