Hello. My name is Kim. One of my greatest joys is helping my clients grow their businesses using the power of social media. The values that guide my life are my faith, integrity and authenticity.


I started my first Social Media Management course in 2014. In those moments I knew I could help others transform their business through social media.

As I began to explore this new field I discovered my knowledge level, skills, and passion for serving others aligned perfectly with this new profession. Having been a nurse for many years, I understand the need for proactive approaches and individualized support.

Innovation, creativity, and caring for others have always been my greatest strengths. Since the launch of my business, Fresh Impact, I’ve been using these skills to help businesses grow using social media marketing.

I’ve been married for 34 years, have 3 adult children, two of whom are married and have 3 beautiful grand blessings. I love coffee, reading, long walks , my flower gardens, and swimming. One of my greatest joys is helping my clients grow their businesses using the power of social media. The values that guide my life are my faith, integrity and authenticity.Kim_Vanderpool_Facebook_Ad_Strategist_Social_Media_Strategist

Her Specialties

I specialize in Social Media Audit, Strategy, Consulting, and Facebook Advertising.

My experience includes working with multi-million-dollar companies, small business owners, public figures, and many others. I actively work in several of the social media platforms on a daily basis. Keeping current with the day to day changes in the digital world assists me in providing services that make a “Fresh Impact” for my clients. In addition to being a Certified Social Media Manager, I’ve had extensive training in Facebook Advertising.

   I’ve been in this business for five years… the biggest change I’ve seen that isn’t a change is that authenticity and being real wins the game. A key to social media success is showing up consistently.

Her Recent Projects

Most recently I worked on Jim and Elizabeth George’s Ads and an Advent Promo. Some of my favorite projects involve audits, strategies, consulting, ads and Pinterest.

Her Education & Training

I’ve completed the following: Social Media Pro, Social Media University, iBloom Certified, and Facebook Advertising with Andrea Vahl.


Some of my mentors include:

  • Amy Lynn Andrews
  • Jennifer Bennett
  • Andrea Vahl
  • Carrie Wilkersen

Some things you may not know about me: 

  • I have a pair of shoes that I only wear on my birthday! I got them 11 years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer and wear them each year as a CELEBRATION!!
  • My favorite thing to do is walk when it’s snowing.
  • I love to be barefoot.

My claim to fame…I make amazing homemade popcorn and even made up a song and dance that goes with it!

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