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You will hear us say it often—Every successful book launch begins with a strategic marketing plan. We offer customized book launch roadmaps and strategies, fully personalized to each author, aligned with their audience and their goals, and true to the heart of their message. These launch roadmaps come with:

  • A thorough marketing checklist for the launch (typically a 3-6 month plan)
  • Complete marketing copy for social media and a website sales page
  • Email marketing copy for communicating with subscribers, as well as launch team email copy with pertinent instructions
  • A podcast or media pitch to connect with likeminded influencers and similar audiences both online and off, and
  • A suite of content prompts and graphics to be repurposed for months to come.

We do our very best to provide an abundance of resources and tools to overly equip every author in their launch, and to educate on the rhymes and rhythms of the launch process. Even so, oftentimes, the lengthy checklist can be overwhelming for an author to navigate alone, which is why the additional support services we offer are so valuable. Not only is there comfort and stability in working with a team of professionals, but there is also cost and time efficiency. “Many hands make light work,” right?

Marketing & Publicity Support

Just as our launch strategies are tailored to each project so are the levels and methodology of our support options for implementing the strategies. We meet the author where they are, listen to their priorities and concerns, and provide support in the areas needed most. Book launches and marketing campaigns are never “one size fits all”!

1:1 Coaching and Accountability

If an author has published previously, or perhaps is maintaining another business outside of being an author-preneur, having one of our team members function as a sounding board and project manager through the strategy tasks might be all that’s needed. This provides consistency and accountability through the process so no major milestones are missed or steps forgotten, and it allows us to reassess during each phase of the campaign to be sure marketing goals are met. If necessary, the coach can help the author pivot or expand the strategy for a more positive outcome.

Author and teacher Wendy Pope has released many books with a traditional publisher, so she is quite familiar with all that launching a book entails. When she decided to self-publish through Market Refined Publishing, a strategy was the checklist she needed, and regular conversations with Mandy helped her stay on track for pre-orders and launch promotions.

Email List Management

Following the outline and goals provided in the strategy, our support team can step in to organize an author’s email list, add tags or segments for launch communications and subscriber preferences, and create on-brand email campaign templates within an author’s email service provider account. As certified professionals in MailChimp, ConvertKit, and more, we can implement the email copy templates provided to create and schedule the individual emails to subscribers, whether to the general subscribers list or specific to the launch or street team members. This is often the simplest task for authors to offload and the work can typically be managed in bulk at the start of the launch process.

For busy ministry leader Melissa Mashburn, having Debi design, create, and schedule all email campaigns for pre and post launch, as well as communicating with the launch and review teams was invaluable. In addition to the planned campaigns included in the strategy, Debi and Mandy also created automations in MailChimp to deliver the Ministry Chick bonuses and new subscriber gifts.

MRM Blog: Ministry Chick Launch Emails Sales Page

Book Sales Page Design and Development

One priority step in any marketing campaign is a well-designed and well-written landing page to promote and sell the book. We specialize in the seamless integration of a sales page into the author’s existing website, so it both markets the book optimally and looks and feels totally on-brand for the author and their platform. If there is not an existing website in place, our team of designers and developers can work with the author to establish a brand design, plan a full sitemap and relevant page content, and incorporate the book’s sales page and other promotional opportunities throughout the website.

David Achata came to us through a colleague of ours, Karen. She designed a very professional and informational website for him and Achata Coaching, and it has served his business well. However, the website also needed a sales page to promote both of his latest releases. We worked with Karen to keep the page on-brand for David’s business while also still very user-friendly and optimal for his new releases.

Launch and Street Team Management

Launch and street teams are crucial aspects of promoting a book effectively. A launch team is a group of enthusiastic individuals who volunteer to promote a book, typically during its launch, in exchange for various benefits such as advanced reader copies, bonus content, free swag, and prizes. A street team can be equally enthusiastic volunteers who volunteer to stick around after the book’s launch campaign and will continue to support the author in a variety of promotions. BONUS: Either group model is a built-in online community for the author and their readers that can last far beyond the launch date!

We love supporting authors through launch and street team management, through private Facebook groups, online forums, email campaigns and more. From the online application form for signups until the final push for book reviews, we make sure every launch or street team member is well-informed and well-equipped (and excited!) to participate! We also partner with the author ahead of time to create a calendar of events for weekly challenges, social media “lives”, and giveaways that boost momentum and add to the fun!

Two recent and super fun launch teams were for Megan Faulkner and Ruthie Gray. Both Megan and Ruthie brought hype and momentum to their launch groups with regular giveaways and Facebook lives. And Debi kept the weekly challenges and promotional resources handy for all participants, working in tandem with the authors for a pleasant experience for all involved.

MRM Blog: Empty Nest Awakening Launch Team Support

Publicity Campaigns and Influencer Outreach

When our strategists plot the roadmap for the launch and identifies the ideal audience for the new release, they also compile lists of similar authors and influencers for collaboration opportunities. This task in particular speaks to our heart to build and grow valuable relationships—with and for our clients and connections. Nothing makes us happier than connecting dots, bringing people together in ways that propel their messages and missions forward.

Leveraging our excellent relationships with relevant influencers, professionals in the book industry, and other supporters of faith-based authors, our team becomes an author’s personal PR team. Most commonly, we oversee the email and social media outreach to the list of contacts provided, using the media pitch provided in the strategy and sharing a sample chapter or Advanced Reader Copy (PDF) of the book and any other relevant media kit items or bonus downloads, to foster the initial connection and conversation. Depending on the author’s preferences, we can coordinate the dates, times, and terms of media appearances, newsletter exchanges, podcast interviews or swaps, and even guest blog posts.

In one of our most successful publicity campaigns, Amy did a fantastic job coordinating multiple podcast appearances, guest blog posts and newsletter features for Francie Hinrichsen to promote Dream, Build, Grow, connections Francie is still nurturing today!

Social Media Optimization and Platform Support

As part of most of our strategies, we also perform an abbreviated audit of the author’s online presence, reviewing basic but important details such as their bios, included links or calls to action, profile and cover images, and posting methodology on each social platform. We then provide a quick optimization checklist to the author with our recommendations for improvement, or, with the author’s consent, we make the necessary changes for them. Why does this matter? Consistency is key—keeping all of the author’s online touch points consistent adds credibility and increases the chances for new followers and connections. Also, social media bios are prime real estate to promote the book and any bonus gifts!

All of the marketing copy, content calendar, and suite of assets provided can be adapted and repurposed on all of the author’s social media accounts. Even so, we often include social media management in our list of support options for busy authors. Using our agency tools, or Meta’s Creator Studio, our social media managers create a rhythmic posting schedule, implement all the created copy and images, and monitor comments and messages—all of which allows the author to take this tedious (and often stressful) task off their plate!

When Catina Harris released her Eve study, she was also in the throes of running multiple businesses and social media accounts. Having her social media content calendar automated and scheduled gave her much needed margin in her busyness and ensured Eve was continuously visible by Catina’s followers.

You Are Not Alone

Launching a book can be an overwhelming task, but with expert marketing strategy and ongoing support, you don’t have to face it alone. Our team is here to guide you through the process and ensure the success of your book launch. From crafting a compelling marketing plan to providing continued assistance, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Let us be your partner in this exciting journey!

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