Hey! I’m Danielle. I love my life! If you were to stop by for coffee in the afternoon, you would Find me at home after a run, playing a game with my kids. 

I live on two acres in rural Middle Tennessee with my husband and children. Formerly from upstate New York, it’s only taken 15 or so years to accept being a neurotic Northerner living in the South.

I homeschool, enjoy playing games with my kids, putter around my house and in my weed-filled gardens, drink way too much coffee, and read as Hamilton wrote, like I’m running out of time.

I find the written word compelling. Whether I’m reading stories of personal struggles and victories, or quirky personalities pushing the envelope, or seemingly mundane lives of quiet faithfulness, being able to hear another’s voice and story is a gift.

To that end I enjoy helping people find their own voice and delight in the story or truths they need to share. 

Market Refined Media: Danielle Raymond
Danielle Raymond

meet danielle

Her Specialties

I am hard working, quick to learn, and excited to work for a creative company like MRM. I love to edit and love supporting others and helping them succeed in their business and ministry goals. I enjoy editing client’s content for clarity and helping the voice of the client to be heard.

I’ve worked as an editor off and on for roughly 15 years. I love to edit and love supporting others and helping them succeed in their business and ministry goals. I’m a little newer to the blog and marketing world, but I’m enjoying the fast paced nature of this work and variety of skills required. Recently, I had the opportunity to partner with a larger homeschool curriculum provider to create their social media content, write marketing copy for resources, and oversee some of the email marketing and newsletters.

Danielle Raymond: Content Creator and Editor for MRM

Our little house is full of books, cats, unfolded laundry, and various projects of the eight people who live here; so-it wouldn’t be quiet, but I’m good with that. If you were to stop in for coffee, I’d knit, and we would talk books, The Avett Brothers, the faith, travel, work, life stories and experiences, and current events. Hopefully we would encourage each other to go and live life fully and joyfully.

Her Recent Projects

Because I’m still a bit new to MRM, I have only worked on a couple smaller tasks to date. So far, I have edited blog posts and helped create eblasts in MailChimp for an ongoing client. I have enjoyed learning the client’s voice and polishing their words so they shine!

I’m looking forward to:

  • Content creation and copywriting
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Social media management and support where needed

Her Education & Training

I attended a liberal arts college in Middle Tennessee (Bannockburn College) for two years, with an emphasis on English and Literature, and I am always looking for new online courses and other opportunities to sharpen my skills.

Some of my mentors include:

  • Anne Lamott
  • Karen Swallow Prior
Did you know:
1. No fruit flavored chocolate here!
2. My daughter has Celiac – and now I’m quietly trying produce the best gluten-free baked goods possible.
3. Favorite Avenger? Hawk Eye!

claim to fame

I started and lead a book club for area friends, new and old. It has been a huge success! We are finishing up our fourth year, and the personal encouragement and deep relationships from it continue to amaze me.

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