Hi. I’m Christy: Introvert; 6 on the Enneagram; tea, not coffee; salty snacks over chocolate or sweets; and I love the beach, Christmas, flip-flops, salted caramel, and soft pretzels.

Meet Christy Willard: Graphic Designer, Brand ManagerIn my early years, I worked as a producer and post-production manager for a small educational video production company. I became a stay-at-home Mom in 2002 when my son was born. In 2009, I started blogging as a creative outlet when my kids were small. At that time, I also started working with a friend to create a non-profit called Rise and Shine Movement to educate parents to protect their kids from childhood sexual abuse. This work felt like God was launching me on a “new” path. I started developing my digital creative skills, which opened new doors to work I never imagined that I would do. I worked as a Virtual Assistant for author, Mary DeMuth, doing a variety of administrative and creative tasks for her. I started doing more and more graphic design work which eventually led to website design.

I live in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania with my high-school sweetheart, Adam, my 2 kids — Caleb (17) and Ellie (15), and a black cat named, Nullah (after the boy character in the movie “Australia”). I love music and singing, writing, photography, and anything creative. I am very organized and detail oriented.  My favorite thing is hanging out at home with my family watching movies.

Her Specialties

I love creating things and the creative process. My favorite thing is starting from basically nothing and creating something new. You never know when you begin how things will turn out, which is both unsettling and exciting. Working with a client to figure out the style and look they want and building a brand is a process I enjoy.

Currently, my MRM specialties include branding, logo design, website design, landing pages, PDF design, book covers, social media graphics and promo ads, author speaker sheets, etc.

MRM: Meet Christy Willard: Graphic Designer and Brand Manager

  I’ve been “in the business” since 2000 and have watched technology change and grow. What I learned in college in the late 90’s was no longer valid as digital technology started taking over everything. Most of what I’ve learned over the years is self-taught as I tried to keep up with the ever changing trends of social media and the internet. In most cases, technology has made things easier and more accessible for people.

Her Recent Projects

Graphic designer on Dana Wilson’s Train Up A Child website redesign. Nicole Furno website design, branding, and logo. Kate Hollimon website design, branding, and logo.

Her Education & Training

I have a bachelor’s degree in communications/broadcasting. I took the Story Brand marketing online course by Donald Miller. I attended the Allume blogging conference.

One of my mentors is Donald Miller, an expert in marketing.

I like to stay observant, getting inspiration from others and seeing all the different ways people design, promote, and market services and products.

In life, I love Brene Brown’s work, in particular her book, “Rising Strong.”

Little Known Facts About Her

  • I am a classically trained singer and sing on my church’s Praise & Worship Team.
  • My earliest creative ventures were video editing and photography, which I still enjoy doing today.
  • I volunteer for several non-profits, helping them with their creative design and marketing needs.

Personally, I don’t tend to back down from hard things, even when I’m afraid. Professionally, I am usually willing to learn/try new things I have never done before and I enjoy thinking outside the box.

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