MRM Blog: WordPress Version 6.4+ Major Release

Last year (2023) was busy with many WordPress version updates. We saw three major version updates in the span of a year, but the latest update is certainly the most significant.

WordPress 6.4 and its subsequent security and bug fix versions come with several new features and improvements, including Block Hooks, enhanced workflow, new design tools, and performance enhancements. We’ll recap just a few of the key features and improvements in WordPress 6.4 for you here.

Gutenberg Editor Enhancements

The Gutenberg (block) editor has undergone several improvements and enhancements to provide users with an even better editing experience. The block editor now offers a more intuitive and streamlined interface, making it easier for users to create and edit content. Whether you need a simple paragraph or a complex layout, you can now find even more options for common blocks such as headings, images, galleries, videos, buttons, tables, and more. New Block Patterns (similar to the former Gutenberg tool called “reusable blocks”) and an improved block inserter interface contribute to a much more efficient process for creating a post or page.

The block editor upgrades also focused on stepping up performance and responsiveness on the back end. If you have ever noticed a bit of a lag when using your blocks, you can be sure that the overall speed of the editor has been optimized now to ensure a smooth editing experience, even with larger documents or more complex or customized layouts. Mobile responsiveness has also been improved for the backend user or admin so that editing your site on the go is much more convenient and user-friendly, across all different devices and browsers.

Improved Performance and Speed Optimization

Website performance plays a tremendous role in Google’s ranking or grading of websites as well as the front end user’s experience. Quick load times and quality site speed are contributing factors for the success of any online platform.

With that in mind, healthy performance is a key focus of WordPress 6.4+ with more than 100 performance-related updates and optimizations aimed at enhancing website speed and responsiveness. This latest version includes improved loading times for both the admin dashboard and frontend by changing how various scripts are loaded in the core files, blocks, and themes.

Security and Accessibility Upgrades

WordPress continues to prioritize security, and version 6.4 is no exception. This update includes several security enhancements to protect websites from potential vulnerabilities. Regular security audits and patches ensure that WordPress remains a secure platform for users to build and manage their online presence, which is where the bug and security fix versions like 6.4.2 come in.

WordPress 6.4 also addresses the imperative design aspect of accessibility and takes significant steps to improve necessary features for those with any visual disability or impairment. Just a few of the enhancements that ensure WordPress websites are accessible to users with disabilities include List View improvements, aria-label support for the Navigation block, updates to button placement options, menu items context, and Site Health spoken messages.

Final Thoughts

WordPress 6.4 is truly a testament to the developers’ commitment to innovation, user experience, and security. The new features and updates make it easier for both beginners and experienced users to create stunning website pages and posts with enhanced functionality. Whether you’re a blogger or a business owner, WordPress 6.4 opens up a world of possibilities, empowering you to manage your online presence with greater ease and flexibility.

For a full breakdown of WordPress 6.4’s new and improved features, check out the official release notes here or watch the video below (thanks to WP Beginner).

Upgrade your site today to unlock the full potential of these powerful new features!

If you are one of our hosting or site care clients, we have already updated your site to the latest compatible WordPress version for your theme and plugins. If you are not one of our hosting or site care clients and would like our help with this update, please let us know!

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