MRM Project Feature: Integrity Health Full Brand Identity Package

Susan Tanyi is another of our returning clients. She came to MRM this time with a request for full brand identity package for her medical services upstart, Integrity Health, along with sub-branding for various branches of the organization (Urgent Care, Primary Care, Imaging, etc.).

The Client’s Initial Input and Goals

Susan outlined her organization’s mission and purpose with the key focus on commitment and integrity. Her working tagline was “Committed to Making a Difference in Your Health through Remarkable Care and a Commitment to Integrity.” She also provided us with her vision of a contemporary, yet classic logo featuring crimson red, teal and gray. Per our usual design process, Susan created a Pinterest board of logos she liked from competing or comparable medical practices. She also referenced medical elements she wanted incorporated into the logo design (heart, first aid cross, EKG line). From Susan’s Pinterest board we were able to narrow down an overall design style she was drawn to: a pairing of the organization’s initials “IH” in a contemporary, clean line heavy font with a custom icon-style graphic. This is a great example how all of the information shared via a Pinterest board and our discovery process provided our team with the necessary vision board to begin the design concepts.

About This Recent Project

MRM Project Feature: Integrity Health Full Brand Identity Package

Our Research

Based on Susan’s input, we studied not only the samples she had provided, but other logos in the medical industry to look for current trends and timeless styles. We also analyzed the meanings of the different colors chosen by Susan as well as others in a similar industry and determined that red tones invoke vitality and progress. Orange represents comfort but was too aggressive for the design. Aqua was perfect because it portrays compassion. Susan’s request for red, aqua and timeless gray aligned well with how the organization wanted to be viewed in the industry. But we found that the red and aqua or turquoise samples Susan had referenced were more muted and outdated in comparison to the current medical trends. So we worked with Susan to brighten the color choice a bit without it appearing garish and overpowering. The colors we chose invoke integrity, warmth and professionalism without looking too sterile or corporate.

Our Design Process

Before compiling concept mockups for Susan, we played with many variations of the letters I and H in color and font pairings. We wanted the letters to work as a cohesive unit, yet they needed to be quickly recognizable and stand out from the competition. We also worked with variations of the 3 key icons of a heart, cross and EKG line. Once we found several combinations of these that best followed the design principles of balance, order and focal point, we narrowed the selection down to the 4 most dynamic concepts to present to Susan. One option mirrored closely a style Susan had “pinned” for us initially, but once we created this concept option, it was obvious that it appeared more outdated and heavy compared to the others. By keeping it in the design concept selection for comparison, we were able to steer Susan away from this style and open her vision to more current market trends. Based on her feedback of likes and dislikes for the other logo options, we worked through the best color combination and graphic pairing to create a contemporary, dynamic logo that represents Integrity Health’s goal of commitment and integrity and aligns this new venture in today’s competitive medical industry.

Once the logo was finalized, we carried the brand design to the remaining pieces of the full branding package, which included a business card design, letterhead design, and envelope design.

What Susan had to say…

Thank you so much for making some great suggestions to help us get to a final version that incorporates everything we’d like to have in the final logo and brand design!

Services Included in this Project

  • Full Brand Identity Package
  • Niche or Industry Research and Comparison
  • 3-4 Unique Logo Concepts to Choose From
  • 2 Rounds of Design Revisions to Finalize Branding
  • Branded Business Card and Stationery Design

Team Members Involved

Find out more about these ladies and the rest of the team here at MRM: Meet the Team

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