Market Refined Media: Announcement

Meet the new MRM!

At our core, we are here to serve. It’s our goal and privilege to help you get to the next level. And when we believe we can do better … we change things up so we can be better.   

When God gave us the words intentionality and surrender for 2021, we knew we were being called higher. After a surge of growth in the last few years, it became clear MRM needed to make changes and prepare for the next phase of business. 

Over the last few months, we’ve poured our heart and soul into creating a new image that would accurately depict who we are at our core … and as a team. Then, through prayer, research, and wise counsel, God brought revelation. 

MRM – Mandy Roberson Media – needed a new name, a new brand identity, and a new (or refined) vision.

So what does that look like?

  • We’re expanding and redefining our services.
  • We’re adjusting some of our pricing and processes.
  • We’re creating an intentional plan for the future of MRM and our clients.

But we want you to know we are still the same team you know, love, and trust. And we’re the same team who knows and loves you, too.

We are Market Refined Media.

Same Acronym. New name.

It was important to keep the MRM acronym because it’s established with our clientele. Even more, we wanted to avoid any unnecessary confusion for our followers, partners, and colleagues. So we put our heads together to create a new name with the same acronym that would better define our new, fresh direction. Being a full-service agency, we needed a name that would reflect that and also give us room to grow.

We knew right away the ‘M‘ would stand for marketing since everything we do and every service we offer is centered around that. Whether it’s a website or brand design, perfecting a manuscript, publishing a book, or offering social media support, all services we offer involve marketing research and clear strategies.  

The ‘R‘ required a bit more prayer and focus. We searched for words that were strong and had a spiritual connotation. Just as everything we do ties back to marketing, we’re here to serve you because of our faith. Our name needed to be a reminder and reflection of that.

For each client, the heart of what we do is refine. We refine your vision, messaging, and goals. We add value to your work and expand your reach. We ensure the finished project is a reflection of Him and is marketable so you can reach more people through your platform, ministry, business, or book. 

For the business, we’ve solidified our team, services, clientele, mission and vision. It’s been a journey and a challenge, but God is faithfully refining us into the business we should be.

Our commitment to you

You will receive the same, or better, level of professionalism you have experienced when working with MRM. We’re empowered and motivated by these changes! Our team of like-minded, determined professionals are committed to helping you succeed at every level. We are a well-oiled machine, ready to support you as you take His message the world.

We will:

  • ESTABLISH those with no platform by offering consultations, basic website designs, social media shareables or support, basic logos, pre-made book covers for print and digital release, social media covers, one sheets, and SEO jumpstarts. 
  • ENHANCE those already established by offering marketing consultations, professional, customized websites, marketing strategies, social media management, brand identity, custom book covers, formatting, typesetting, and editing for print and digital releases, SEO consults, optimization, and planning, website support, and traditional book releases.
  • EXPAND those wanting to reach more people through additional avenues like complete, custom branding, WordPress site care and hosting, eCommerce, online courses, digital marketing, book series releases, writing to market, and full scope marketing and publicity campaigns.

A heartfelt thanks to our loyal clients and business partners for your trust, partnership, and friendship to date. And a hearty welcome to new clients just coming aboard. Let’s do this together!

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