MRM Project Feature: Kristin Hill Taylor and Created for Communion

Kristin Hill Taylor is a busy wife, adoptive mom, blogger, and self-published author. She is also a longtime friend and client of MRM and a “gal after our own heart”. Kristin’s passion for friendship and true community aligns well with our own goals and vision, and it was an absolute joy to be a part of bringing her third book, Created for Communion: Discovering the Power of Biblical Friendships, to life. This brand new release explores the Biblical model for true friendship and explains how we are designed to do life together, in community and love. And we couldn’t love it more!

About This Recent Project

Book Edits, Cover Design, Formatting, & Typesetting

Kristin worked with Mara Eller for the full developmental review and two rounds of developmental editing to refine and polish the overall structure and flow of this fantastic study. With Mara’s help, the manuscript was divided into two parts, some of the individual lessons were expanded, and prompts were added to the end of each chapter to prompt reader thought and interaction.

Randi stepped in for the Phase Two copy and line edits as well as the final proofread once the interior design was complete. She focused on consistency in grammar, tense, and lesson structure, ensuring the best possible final product for Kristin.

For the cover design, Kristin wanted to include a well-known visual for friendship, and the braided three-strand friendship bracelet was the perfect choice. Nelly worked her creative magic, selecting beautiful fonts and colors to complete the cover art and carrying the same styles and professional design throughout the interior. Each section and chapter heading incorporates the friendship bracelet from the cover, as do the journal and response pages at the end of the chapters, resulting in a warm and incredibly friendly book to hold and read.

Publishing & Optimization

Created for Communion was formatted for both IngramSpark and Amazon KDP, in print and ebook, to expand the opportunities for distribution and sales. As part of our Market Refined Publishing imprint, we managed the publishing process on both platforms, purchased all necessary ISBNs, and registered the new release with the Library of Congress.

Sara performed our usual metadata keyword and category research to increase the searchability and visibility for Kristin’s book, and she optimized the book’s back cover copy, product description, and the author’s bio for Amazon Author Central. Carol used Sara’s product description for the book’s sales page design, and Randi rounded out our support with a digital assets package that included pull quotes for promotion, shareable graphics, social media cover images, and a content calendar for Kristin to repurpose as needed.

We truly love all of our Market Refined Publishing releases, but it’s definitely extra special when the message of one is so near and dear to our hearts—Created for Communion is definitely that.

What Kristin had to say…

“Thank you so much for your wisdom and encouragement in publishing [Created for Communion] — and making it so lovely! Thanks for taking care of everything.”

MRM Project Feature: Kristin Hill Taylor and Created for Communion

Services Included in this Project

  • Developmental review and edits, copy and line edits, and proofread
  • Book cover and interior design, formatting, and typesetting for IngramSpark and Kindle Direct Publishing (print and ebook)
  • Metadata, category, and keyword research for IngramSpark and Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Marketing copy for the product listing and author bio
  • Product(s) and author profile setup and optimization for Amazon Author Central
  • Use of Market Refined Publishing imprint
  • Sales page design and development in WordPress website
  • Digital assets package and content calendar

Team Members Involved

Find out more about these ladies and the rest of the team here at MRM: Meet the Team

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