MRM Project Feature: Small Batch Discipleship Book Design and Publishing Project

Tracy Sullivan is another one of our clients that was referred to us by Lindsey Hartz of the Hartz Agency. Together, we honed the vision for Tracy’s book and made it a reality.

We learned quickly that Tracy is a smart and determined woman who made every effort to educate herself on the publishing process. She’d already established her own Publishing Imprint and created a book proposal. Her willingness to keep learning allowed her to utilize our coaching and consulting to DIY some portions of her book release. Small Batch Discipleship: Embrace Your Greater Purpose Through Handcrafted Relationships is a phenomenally marketable concept and we took meticulous care when deep diving into edits, interior layout and formatting, and finally the branding design.

About This Recent Project

MRM Project Feature: Small Batch Discipleship Book Design and Publishing Project

Book Edits, Cover Design, Formatting, Typesetting

Tracy wanted to publish this book just like it would be done at a big publishing house. That’s what we do, so after intensive research into her genre, categories, and keywords, we customized her concept and manuscript to fit her reader: from the development and line/copy edits, to the exterior and interior design and formatting.

Tracy knew exactly how she wanted this book to be published and how she wanted it to perform, but her vision for the cover design and book branding wasn’t as clear. We walked her through an intensive discovery process then presented her options that we felt were both marketable in her genre and complimented the content of the book. The results were astounding. To date, it’s one of our designer’s favorite covers.

Once the design and formatting were complete, we got to watch The Hartz Agency and Tracy multiply the book’s reach from online sales to brick and mortar bookstore shelves. It just goes to show what can happen when the client–even if they are a first time author–is completely invested in having the most viable and marketable product possible.

Tracy is a go-getter, so she opted to purchase the copyright release allowing her to use the branding and design on multiple companion products, including coffee sleeves, journals, leader’s guides, church bundles, and more!

What Tracy had to say…

I love the cover! Great work! I’m thrilled with the end product.

MRM Project Feature: Small Batch Discipleship Book Design and Publishing Project

Services Included in this Project

  • Developmental Edits
  • Line/Copy Edits and Proofreading
  • Meta-Data Research
  • Custom Book Cover Design with Graphic Manipulation
  • Audio Book Design
  • Hard Cover Design
  • Branding and Marketability Team Sessions
  • Custom Interior Design, Formatting, and Typesetting
  • Extensive Coaching and Consulting

Team Members Involved

Find out more about these ladies and the rest of the team here at MRM: Meet the Team

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