MRM Project Feature: Art by Tesia Brand & Website Design

We recently had the great pleasure to partner with Tesia Blake a thriving young artist who truly enjoys bringing joy and laughter to others. Tesia is a highly skilled author and artist with a vivid imagination and a love for storytelling. She also lives with Aspergers and hopes showcasing her art and stories will also shine a light on this inspirational and talented community!

About This Recent Project

Brand & Marketing Coaching

As part of our work with Tesia, our team made branding recommendations to help her streamline her online presence and create consistency between all of her social media accounts. After thorough market research and comparison of similar brands, we also advised on a new business name that would help establish brand recognition for Tesia, across all platforms, and lend to her credibility online. Debi also helped Tesia update her profile bios, links, and profile and cover images to aid in the brand recognition and consistency.

Brand & Website Design

Once the new brand name was selected, Maria created a brand board and logo art to reflect both the business name and Tesia’s creativity. Her brand kit included a primary logo, two alternate sub marks, social media branding for three platforms, and an overall style guide for all future graphics and promotions.

Different from our most common website design projects, Tesia’s website is a Shopify eStore. We worked to merge a separate Wix website with the Shopify site, in addition to creating a full site design that reflected the comic book flare and fun. Maria also help Tesia create new print-on-demand products that incorporate her artwork and comic strips with tangible items like mugs, stickers, and comic books, as a great way to generate revenue for Tesia.

Sitemap & SEO Optimization

Since the website is primarily an eStore, the sitemap was greatly simplified. It was important that we organize the content and allow visitors to learn more about the artist and store owner, but the products are definitely the main focus and purpose of the site. We created product collections and customized menus to ensure those products take center stage and are easily accessible. It was also important to highlight resources and information for Aspergers and Autism, and to allow site visitors easy opportunities to donate to causes for both.

Additionally, we created a new GA4 property for the store and connected Google Search Console, submitted the new site map to all search engines, and implemented all SEO features available on the backend, as part of our SEO Boost for the project. We also provided Tesia with tutorial videos and several informational documents to help her optimize her own content and products going forward.

What Tesia had to say…

“Thank you all so much! You guys have helped me in so many ways!”

Services Included in this Project

  • Brand Coaching
  • Brand Identity Design Package and Style Guide
  • Custom Shopify Website Design and Development
  • Product Creation and Tech Support
  • Social Media Optimization and Marketing Strategy

Team Members Involved

Find out more about these ladies and the rest of the team here at MRM: Meet the Team

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