Hey! I’m Lisa. I love looking at the big and overall picture and organizing and strategizing with that in mind. 

I like to help save people time and money and eliminate duplication and redundancy, so streamlining and making things more efficient is always something I work toward. And I like helping teams work better together so that both the team and the clients feel supported and can celebrate achieving end results that exceed expectations.

I am a maximizer – fueled by coffee, Jesus, laughter, and a little chocolate – who loves to help others do things better, meaning more efficiently and effectively. If I can use my knowledge and experience to help you organize, prioritize, and strategize to achieve the results you want, then I am 100% in my happy place. I believe the world needs to smile more so I definitely prefer to approach life and business with a healthy dose of humor.

Market Refined Media: Lisa Watson, Strategist
Lisa Watson

meet lisa

Her Specialties

I can help with many things, including assisting with overall project management, project timeline development, project marketing strategy, process improvement, overall business coaching and people strategy, buyer persona development, copywriting, content strategy, copy and design quality assurance, supporting and rooting for the team, and more.

Market Refined Media: Lisa Watson

We moved from California to Idaho almost a year ago and we are loving it – slightly slower pace, less expensive, and lots of super friendly people.

I had worked at a digital marketing agency for several years but was greatly overworked, and I decided I didn’t want to miss out on extra trips to see my family. Life is too short!

I just started my own consulting firm a few months ago, to see if I could practice what I preach and bring in a little bit of income for my travel and other plans. 

Her Recent Projects & Experience

I have roughly 13 years experience in blogging, writing, and social media. I started blogging back in 2008 when it was so much simpler and fun! Over the years, I started up a few different blogs where I wrote regularly and contributed to a couple of group blogs. As social media became a thing, I got active and learned how to connect and navigate as I went. I’ve been actively writing and sharing in social media channels ever since. Blogging has changed from silly posts just to connect with a group of people to a necessity for SEO and a way to deliver education and value to those taking the time to read. And social media – who can keep up with all of the new channels?! Nobody needs to be active in every channel – it’s more important to figure out who your buyer (or reader) personas are and pursue the channels that they enjoy the most.

The beginnings of my 8 years in marketing strategy began with my own blogging and social media efforts – selling sidebar ads and promoting advertisers, and helping others with their social media strategy. This led to me working in a marketing agency for a few years, doing everything from assisting with agency social media to helping clients with social media, blogging, and lead generation strategies, developing marketing game plans for companies, monthly reporting and strategy recommendations for both agency and clients, etc. Keeping up with ever-changing marketing trends is always a challenge, and strategies must be adjusted regularly. It’s never a good idea to set and forget the marketing strategies without regularly analyzing whether they are truly successful and then pivoting when needed.

In my pre-blogging life, I was in bank management and so it was natural that I progressed in operation-management roles in the marketing agency in the most recent years, taking on additional responsibility and overseeing others. I had the privilege of helping develop and implement team culture activities, streamlining project management processes, improving employee communications, updating sales and pricing strategies, developing and improving vendor relationships, and assisting and overseeing marketing strategies for new and existing clients.

For my time with Market Refined Media so far, I have spent a lot of time with Mandy, behind the scenes, planning for an incredible 2022. MRM has so many exciting things happening!

I’m looking forward to jumping in soon with MRM clients to help:

  • Organize sitemaps and client pathways
  • Optimize website copy
  • Strategize product and book launches

Her Education & Training

I have a business degree with an emphasis in Finance, so most of my marketing and operations knowledge came through hands-on training in a marketing agency setting.

I have HubSpot certifications in Inbound Marketing, HubSpot Marketing Software, Email Marketing, and I have taken certification courses in social media, contextual marketing, SEO, client success and management, Facebook advertising, and more.

A few years ago, I attended an Allume Social Media conference. And I’m currently taking Udemy courses on team emotional intelligence and business fundamentals coaching to boost my skills.

Some of my mentors include:

  • Michael Hyatt
  • Jon Acuff
  • Christy Wright
  • Jon Loomer (for Facebook ads specifically)
  • Brian Tracy
  • Simon Sinek
Market Refined Media: Lisa Watson
Did you know:
1. In high school, I lettered in Speech. 🙂
2. I’m in the middle of left brain/right brain – neither is particularly dominant. But when I recently told a relative that I was half right brain and half left brain, they responded – so you can only do everything at half capacity? 😉 LOL
3. I walked a full marathon over 20 years ago (it took forever – I would not do it again – ha)!

claim to fame

The Maximizer. Maximizing is one of my top strengths according to StrengthsFinder, and other personality tests point to being a mastermind behind the scenes or similar. It just means I like to step back, look at the whole picture, and find ways to make everything work better. It also means that I was (am??) a super bossy older sister. 🙂

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