Let’s Get Started!

Thank you for your interest in working with MRM for your website needs. We are so excited at the possibility of partnering with you!

Below you’ll find lots of information regarding our working together, including:

  • A detailed glimpse at our brand and web design process
  • What previous clients have said about working with us
  • Pricing and timelines
  • Payment information
  • Frequently asked questions

Once you’ve reviewed the information below, please send us a quick email with any questions you may have or with a list of your current needs. If you’ve already been in touch with us and are ready to begin our design process, click below to begin.

The Step-by-Step Process

  1. Project Intake Form. We use a detailed questionnaire to help us gauge your interests and website needs, so we can fully prepare for our discovery phone call. Please allow 20-30 minutes to complete the form.
  1. Discovery Call. When you’ve read through the information on this page and submitted a complete intake form, we will contact you via email to schedule our one-hour discovery call to discuss the needs of your project and any outstanding questions from the intake.

Please Note: It is imperative for this process that the intake form be as thorough as possible. Any incomplete form submissions will delay the intake process and the start of your project.

  1. Our Agreement. After our call, we’ll send you an email with a recap of our call and summary of your project. If our summary is accurate and if we both decide to move forward, we will then send a detailed agreement that includes the proposed project scope, a list of our recommended services, and the milestones necessary to complete the work. This agreement will be a legally binding contract to protect all of us as we work together.
  1. Deposit and Payment Schedule. At that point, you’ll need to pay a 30% deposit to secure your place in our queue. The remaining 70% of your project balance will be divided into 2-3 equal payments, dependent on the timeline, with the final balance due upon project completion.

Please Note: Until your deposit is paid, we cannot guarantee your place in our work queue, or the tentative timeline outlined in our agreement.

  1. Welcome Packet. Once your deposit is paid, we will connect you with our project manager, who will help outline the milestones and deadlines for your “homework” (tasks that will help us stay on track) via our Welcome Packet. This packet will also include important informational documents that will review our project process, our task management software (Asana), and the agreed upon financials for our work together.
  1. Consultation or Coaching Call(s). Based on the information provided during the intake and discovery process, our project manager will recommend a consultation call or series of coaching calls to organize and plan the website project. This planning time will aid in mapping out the site pages and content in a way that will best benefit your vision and goals. The initial consultation or coaching call(s) will be included in our project proposal for you. If necessary, additional consults can be added to the project scope and will be billable on the final project invoice.
  1. Homework. In addition to the content and functionality items provided via your homework list and Welcome Packet, our designer will also provide you with a list of questions to help guide the design process. We recommend you create a Pinterest board for design elements, other websites or logos, color palettes, and fonts that appeal to you, and our designer will use that to get started. (If you are not comfortable using Pinterest, you could provide this information to us via email.)

    Throughout the course of the project, our project manager will also work with you on any outstanding content or organizational needs and advise on any project scope changes throughout the course of our work together. It is important to provide the bulk of all site content at this initial homework stage. If you need our assistance with this step, we can connect you with our content creators and SEO specialists.

  1. Design Follow-Up Call. The week before the brand and web design portions of your project begin, we’ll schedule a 30-minute call to review the design and style information provided to us. At this time, our design team will offer insight into the flow and functionality of your design as well as clarify your preferences. The purpose of this call is to resolve any outstanding questions or details related to the brand or site design, so we will limit our time and discussion accordingly.
  1. Brand Design. Using the information we receive from you as well as our own research of comparable brands, we’ll provide a moodboard and 2-3 brand concepts for your review. Once you choose the concept you like best, we’ll refine it over two rounds of revisions. When your primary logo is complete and a final brand board is approved, we’ll move on to the rest of your design.*
  1. Social Media and/or Print Branding. If social media or print branding is included in your project, we will design those items for you at this stage. We will create a cohesive and seamless look across your social media platforms, as well as business cards, stationery, and any other included items.*
  1. Website Design. We’ll begin with 3-4 key page wireframes to outline the placement and flow of priority content in a grayscale view. Once the wireframes are approved, we’ll then create layout mockups for 3-5 key pages of your website based on the design style we’ve determined and the site map outlined. You will have one round of revisions to each wireframe and page mockup before the design is finalized.
  1. Website Development. When you’ve approved the design and layout of your website, we’ll use a development website to get started turning the mockups into a new WordPress website. At this point, we’ll build in any additional website features specific to your project. After one round of minor revisions, we’ll make your new site live on your domain.
  1. Final Payment. After final website approval, we’ll email for the balance on your project, which will include any project add-ons or changes to the project scope since our original agreement. When payment is received, we’ll turn over all pertinent website logins and ensure you have access to all design and brand files.
  1. Project Wrap-Up. Once the website is live and final payment is processed, we will send a wrap-up email with detailed instructions for using your new online home. If included, we will also install a premium tutorial plugin to provide hours of WordPress training.

*Please Note: Some of these steps will not apply to all projects, and are determined by the package options chosen below.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Design Packages

Starter Website Design & Development

Typically starts at $1800

  • Customized Theme*
  • Wireframes & Mockups
  • Basic Sitemap
  • Email & Social Media Integration
  • Basic SEO & Google Analytics Integration

*Requires purchase of Kadence theme, separate from project quote

Timeframe: 6-8 weeks

Premium Website Design & Development

Typically starts at $2400

  • Unique Theme
  • Wireframes & Mockups
  • Content Planning & Organization
  • Sitemap, up to 10 Key Pages
  • Email & Social Media Integration
  • Basic SEO & Google Analytics Integration

Timeframe: 8-10 weeks

Brand and Website Design & Development

Typically starts at $3000

  • All items in Premium WordPress Design Package
  • Brand Identity Package {Optional}
  • eCommerce or Membership Feature {Optional}
  • SEO Jumpstart or Audit {Optional}

Timeframe: 10-12 weeks

Please Note: The final project investment will depend on the scope of the project. Any additional features such as eCommerce, event calendars, sales pages, or memberships will increase the project scope and total investment.


After our discovery call, if we both decide to move forward with the project, we’ll send you an email with a recap of our call and summary of your project. At that point, you’ll need to pay a 30% deposit to secure your place in our queue. The remaining 70% of your project balance will be divided into 2-3 equal payments, dependent on the timeline, with the final balance due upon project completion.

All invoices are handled through Freshbooks, and payment can be remitted via debit or credit card. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To begin with WordPress, there are a few things that are necessary:

  • Domain – This is the URL or website address where your new site will appear. Either you will need to purchase a new domain, or we will need access to where your current domain is registered (usually somewhere like GoDaddy or Namecheap).
  • Hosting – WordPress.org requires a host account to “house” your site files. We provide hosting or we can work with your current host. See our Set Up a New Host Account page for more information on this step.
  • Design – Our team will gladly help customize an existing theme for your website design or create a fully unique design just for your site. You can read more about that process here.

To begin with your site design project, we will request the following as your initial “homework”:

  • Textual content and photos (if available) for each page within the website.
  • An overview of your organization, it’s purpose and what you need the website to accomplish. Is it only to inform your readers? Are you trying to elicit a response or action from your readers?
  • An idea of the style of design you prefer which may be based on the market trend, your personal style, or the goal and personality of the organization.

All current websites are expected to use responsive design (mobile-friendly). On average, most websites receive over 90% of their traffic from users on mobile devices, whether phones, tablets, or smaller laptops. Responsive websites are designed so they automatically scale the content and elements to fit the screen size on which they are being viewed. If the design is not mobile-friendly, the user’s experience is impeded greatly, requiring them to stretch or scroll the content excessively to access the information. Effective in 2018, Google will now penalize non-responsive websites, giving them a poorer rank in search results.

User experience is the top priority in all well-designed websites. Creating a design that is attractive and functional, regardless of the device used to view it, is our specialty.

WordPress uses add-ons called plugins that add functionality to your site. Included in most basic site projects are plugins for Google Analytics and SEO, social media sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.), a contact form, and a spam filter for comments.

Once we discuss your project and goals, we can make recommendations for other site additions.

Not yet. It takes time and good search engine optimization (SEO) to achieve this. However, your site will be optimized for search engines and over time could get on the first page of Google for search terms related to your business.

Absolutely! At the end of your project, we include a complimentary project wrap-up document and/or summary video to help you learn how to manage and update your own website. If further training and instruction is required, we’re happy to schedule a Zoom coaching call.

Having a business email account is important for giving you a professional identity. It makes it look serious, credible, and legitimate in what you do and how you communicate.

A business email account will help you communicate with clients. Emailing your clients this way gives them a professional, memorable impression of your company.

In short, no. We own the licenses to the font files used in your project. However, we are happy to provide a brand board or style guide relevant to your project, with the font names included. If you’d like to purchase these fonts, just let us know and we can get that sorted for you!

The original or “native” design files are not included in any project. If you would like to purchase an extended license and access to these original files, please let us know and we can create a separate agreement invoice for these files.

You will own copyright to the final, completed product included with your agreement. We will maintain copyright for the individual pieces used to create your final product. If you would like to purchase copyright to the native design or formatting files, please let us know and we can create the necessary documentation and invoice for that.