Succession Planning for Real Estate Agents: Monetizing Your Business in Retirement


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Are you a real estate agent thinking about your retirement or an active agent ready to take your real estate business to the next level? If you’re ready to set yourself apart, this book is your guide to growing your business and preparing for success in retirement.

Our industry is being reshaped by the pandemic, new real estate technology and the online home search. With the average age of active real estate agents continuing to rise, many agents are contemplating whether they will leave their real estate career in the next two years. Now is the time to plan for your future, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a motivated newcomer to the world of real estate.

Succession Planning for Real Estate Agents: Monetizing Your Business in Retirement provides real estate agents with a practical framework for choosing a successor and monetizing their real estate business.

Succession Planning for Real Estate Agents is a strategic and tactical guide for agents looking to retire or grow their business, and sponsoring broker owners wanting to keep their retirees’ sales volume and former clients’ business in their brokerage.

For agents working to grow their business, this book will help you navigate becoming a successor to a retiring agent.

The book includes:

  • contract examples for different succession plan types and team structures
  • tactics for co-marketing and co-branding to increase your sales reach
  • tips for understanding accumulated assets in a real estate business
  • methods for building your business so you can increase both agents’ earnings

Succession Planning for Real Estate Agents will ensure that your clients receive continuity, professionalism, and service they deserve while preparing your business for a rewarding succession plan.

Stand apart from other real estate agents and get the fundamentals you need for succession planning now.


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