Reinvented: My Journey of Addiction and Redemption


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For two decades, Mike Cinelli fought tirelessly to break free from the clutches of heroin and crack cocaine addiction. But a transformational encounter with Jesus Christ healed the broken pieces of his life and gave him a redemptive story that will inspire anyone looking for hope.

In this raw and inspiring Christian memoir, Mike Cinelli describes his personal struggles with drug addiction and the profound grace that led him to the feet of his Savior. With unwavering conviction, his story of surrendering to Jesus shows how there’s always hope, no matter how dark the journey.

Reinvented: My Journey of Addiction and Redemption provides encouragement for those trapped in addiction, hopeful that their story will end in victory.

If you or someone you love is grappling with addiction, this memoir is a guiding light on the path to healing, restoration, and everlasting grace.

Reinvented takes you on a journey from despair to deliverance and shows how the transformative power of faith and God’s love can break the chains of addiction.

Through Mike’s struggle with addiction, readers discover that no darkness is too deep, no chains too strong for the power of Christ’s love to conquer.


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