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Frequently Asked Questions

First choose a personalized email address at your domain name. Do not use generic email addresses such as [email protected] or [email protected]. Make sure that your email address is verified inside your email service. Also make sure that your domain name records have the necessary information to verify that your email service has permission to send emails from your domain name.

Your domain name has several records associated with it. One record tells all web browsers where to go to find your website. Another record gives verifying information on where legitimate emails come from. This domain record must include your website IP to help with emails from your website to be delivered to your customers.

There are several factors that might be keeping your emails from being delivered. What service ( Gmail?) are you using to send your emails out? Certain services might be using a compromised server that impacts the deliverability of your emails as well. Using a reputable service and applying the correct domain name records will help your emails to be delivered successfully.