Hey! I’m Tiana (pronounced tee-anna). I  love working on projects that translate someone’s vague creative dreams into a reality! 

It’s always such a heart warmer when I can just feel the relief and excitement of a client finally having their project that they were maybe initially unclear about, turn into a complete package. I usually feel this the most when it’s a creative design, like a logo or complete branding.

I’ve been fully in the creative world for a little over 6 years now! One surprising change I’ve noticed in the industry is just how massive social media has become. I’ve been part of teams that would spend WEEKS debating singular images or text. It’s crazy how our world and focus has shifted so heavily towards digital marketing and social media, and the power that it has.

Market Refined Media: Tiana Perez
Tiana Perez

meet tiana

Her Specialties

I’m a Creative Designer with experience in graphic and web design, photography, and leading social media teams and external communications teams. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Arts with a minor in Business Management, which was definitely something I never thought I’d do!

I currently fill several different roles, which include freelancing various projects involving web design and development, logo design, photo and video editing, and brand development. 

Market Refined Media: Tiana Perez Travel Photo

My childhood dream was to be a fashion designer, but as I got older and realized I struggled to sew on buttons, I decided digital art was more for me.

Some of my favorite things are: traveling to new places, lavender iced lattes, seeing my favorite bands live, baking, and cuddling with my dog.

I can talk your ears off about skin care, curly hair, and why I feel so passionately about font choices.

I’m a true Floridian, and spend the majority of my free time at theme parks with my friends.

My enneagram number is 2, and I love learning what other’s numbers are!

Her Recent Projects & Experience

I am an independent and collaborative Creative Designer with six years of experience in social media marketing, design, and branding, which I love to leverage to bring creative, visual storytelling to life! I recently completed an audio tech and creative internship at a local church, and also ended up leading an entire photography team unexpectedly.

New to Market Refined Media, I am just beginning to jump into the MRM systems and projects, but my first task will be to help build out a beautiful new website design created by another talented member of the team. We can’t wait to showcase the final result!

I am so excited to help MRM in the following areas:

  • Website Development
  • Tech Support Requests
  • Project Management
  • Brand Coaching and Development
  • System and Process Development
  • Various Design Needs

Her Education & Training

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts from Stetson University, with a minor in Business Management.

Audio and photography internships in local churches and ministries have helped expand my resumé and experience more than I ever expected.

Some of my mentors include:

  • Erwin and Aaron McManus – I love their family podcast and have learned so much, all the way from spiritual maturity to creative breakthroughs.
Tiana Perez Traveling Abroad
Did you know:
1. I can solve a Rubik’s cube in under 3 minutes.
2. I have a pet Morkie named Dolce; he’s my best friend.
3. I love to make pottery!

claim to fame

My friends and family would probably say that I’m the resident “coffee snob” in my circle. My boyfriend and I are big coffee drinkers, and we decided to dive into learning more about coffee just as a hobby… that spiraled into us digging way too deep and spending hours watching YouTube videos, reading books, probably spending too much money on equipment, and definitely over caffeinating ourselves while we learned to make a perfect espresso shot.

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