Hi. I’m Liesl: I love my dogs, great ideas, my family, and my ridiculous husband. #notnecessarilyinthatorder

MRM_Liesl_Davenort_Meet MRM/ Liesl Davenport_Digital_Marketing_Manager_Publishing_Specialist
Liesl Davenport – Digital Marketing Manager and Publishing Specialist

I’m a boy mom with full hands and a fuller heart! We have 2 dogs, Frank the dachshund and Hera the husky. My house is decked out in owls. They are my favorite animal, hands down. My hobbies include baking, reading, sewing and pranking my son. He’ll be six in October and he loves pulling pranks so I’ve embraced it and do my best to get him back.

I have been in marketing for five years, and publishing for four years. It’s been interesting to see publishers, especially smaller ones, gain traction on DTC sales. They are forming a new relationship with customers which is always exciting!

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Communication with a concentration in Sales and Marketing. Most of my experience is derived from my time as a Marketing Assistant at a Christian-based publishing house. I thrive on social media, content management and creating graphics. I’m so excited to work with some new clients!

MRM_Liesl_Davenort_Meet MRM/ Liesl Davenport_Digital_Marketing_Manager_Publishing_Specialist

Her Specialties

Anything creative. I love love love (did I say love yet?) designing or creating new things. Coming up fresh new ideas that excite the customer is what makes marketing so much fun.

MRM_Liesl_Davenort_Meet MRM/ Liesl Davenport_Digital_Marketing_Manager_Publishing_Specialist

  I’m definitely a “Night Owl” because that’s when I’m most active. My email will always be open but my Tiny Tornado needs A LOT of supervision when he’s awake. 

Her Recent Projects

MRM_Liesl_Davenort_Meet MRM/ Liesl Davenport_Digital_Marketing_Manager_Publishing_Specialist

Social media management for one of MRM’s largest clients; helping to coordinate a campaign for a faith-based planner; and assisting with the marketing for a book launch. 

Her Education & Training

I have a Bachelor of Communication with a concentration in Sales and Marketing. I also attended the 2017 ECPA PubU in Nashville, TN. 


I like to read Rob Eagar’s newsletter, and I have several of his tips, tricks and advice pieces stuck to my cork board.


I follow Amy Long on IG. She was on Family by the Ton and lost an unbelievable amount of weight. I find her to be inspirational and I think she has a kind heart.

Some things you may not know about me:

1. I have gone boating out on Loch Ness and looked for Nessie!
2. I love true crime podcasts.
3. In my spare time I sew blankets. My favorites are baby blankets because I add little textured taggies to them.

My name. My mom and dad were expecting a boy so when I arrived they had to think on their feet. They picked Liesl from my mom’s favorite movie, The Sound of Music. It’s of Austrian origin with the Austrian spelling and pronunciation. The “s” makes the “z” sound.

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