I Love Softball, Fitness, WordPress, Harleys, and Jesus (not necessarily in that order).

My husband and I entered the senior softball circuit a few years ago and play as much as we can. I used to proudly take my professional headshots with a Coca-cola in hand, but these days I work out in the gym instead. When I’m not playing ball or working out, you can usually find me hanging around at home with my daughter while trying to build websites with a cat on my lap and yelling at our pet bird. Yes, our house is like that. On rainy days, I head out to local hotspots to listen to my husband’s classic country music band perform. Of course, I have to be in charge of the technology behind that too. In fact, when we go listen to other groups play live, I have to fight the urge to go take over the soundboard!

Her Specialties

If it’s technical and the average person doesn’t comprehend it then I probably do it: tech support, anything to do with setting up and maintaining servers, email services (account setup, deliverability, transferring from host or account to another), Wordpress development, Shopify store development, online course setup, and membership site setup. Basically, I make the big ideas and pretty designs functional and keep them up to date.

I’ve been working from home for 20 years. I’ve gone from building websites using just html and css to using content management systems like WordPress. The biggest change I’ve adapted to is the fluidity of the design of websites – having to build websites that look good on a desktop or a small screen like your phone.

 I like to create custom websites by combining the clients’ words with my understanding of site content management software. Whether the clients want to migrate a blog, establish or manage a shopping cart, or run a membership site, I hear their hearts behind each project and bring the vision to life through my technical knowledge.

Some interesting things you may not know about me:
1. I rode my own Harley-Davidson motorcycle into the side of a mountain when I was really too tired to be riding. I had no injuries though and God had a doctor following behind who stopped to help.
2. While working on box jumps with my trainer, I put the brakes on in mid-air! He was trying to get me to jump on the tallest box, but literally, in mid-air, I’d get scared and chicken out. He gave me the nickname “Special Sauce.”

Her Recent Projects

Wendy Pope’s Word Up Ministries site: I assisted with this site for a new, non-profit ministry. I set up donation forms that also integrated with the store; configured the store to ask for donations upon checkout, set up a 366-day course for the primary ministry of Reading Thru the Word in a year, and transferred almost 2,000 members from the previous site to the new one.

Her Education & Training

I’ve completed WP Elevation’s Blueprint Course for WordPress Consultants, attended Blissdom, and I also helped run, attended, and hosted workshops and roundtables at Proverbs 31 Ministries She Speaks.

A couple of people I look up to are:

  • Troy Dean
  • Amy Lynn Andrews
  • Tara McMullin
  • Brian Gardner
  • Jeff Goins
  • Seth Godin

And Mandy too. I used to teach her how to develop and maintain websites. These days, she’s teaching me a thing or two!

My claim to fame is on the ball field. I’m so slow that my husband calls me “first gear.” I can turn a triple into a double, and a double into a single. Don’t worry, I code and develop faster than I run.

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